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November 20, 2014

Wavo Interview: Pat Lok


Vancouver-based DJ Pat Lok has had an incredible past year, consistently releasing dance floor friendly originals and reworks of artists from Olympic Ayres to Sirma.  Available exclusively on Wavo today, Lok’s Could Be Mine Remixes features the smooth, soulful vocals of Patrick Baker along with quality production work from Wantigga, Chores, and Red Milk.  We caught up with Pat for a quick chat about his musical inspirations, creative process, and upcoming projects.

Wavo: What’s the story behind this new remix package? How did you decide who to work with on it?

Pat Lok: As a music nut and DJ, I’m always looking for producers doing cool things regardless of genre.  At the time, Wantigga and Chores both popped up on my radar, while Red Milk was actually on the same compilation as the original “Could Be Mine”.  All the remixes are so fresh and add a different vibe to Patrick Baker’s vocals, I’ve been riding them hard in my sets and think listeners will love them too.

Wavo: What’s your approach to production like?

Pat Lok: Usually I’ll start off messing around on my Rhodes piano to find chords or a melody I like.  Once there’s an idea, I’ll quickly lay it down in Ableton and sequence drums to create a basic beat.  Before that gets too repetitive, I might chop up some vocals or samples to give it a bit more life, or write a bridge / B section.  Sometimes the idea comes together easily and it just needs refining, but other times the track can be a long process and the end product is something like the 75th version! For example, my original, “Body II Me”.

Wavo: What inspires you to make music?

Pat Lok: Total cliche alert, but I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life and everyone in my family plays something.  In terms of what gets me excited to write, a mixture of new and old music combined with whatever’s going on in my life.  I try to see a lot of live shows and still do my share of crate digging – even if that’s more on YouTube now.  It’s hard not to get excited when you hear a genius riff played by a long-forgotten session musician from Philadelphia, or a vocal off a B-side from a 90′s one-hit wonder.

Wavo: You have a monthly party, White Noise, in Vancouver.  What started that?

Pat Lok: White Noise is a monthly party founded by myself and my friend Nathan (of WMNSTUDIES) made possible with the help of several friends.  We were getting booked a lot together and realized there was no reason not to just start our own party.  At White Noise we support our favourite artists, but are also building “more” than just your typical DJ night – from impromptu live jams, special guests, and contest giveaways it’s always fun and unpredictable.

Since our February launch the crowds have been great – we’ve had established names like Moon Boots and Bit Funk but also given up-and-comers like Rainer and Grimm and Bear Mountain their first dj shows here, which is exciting.  Our Halloween party sold out and we’re about to announce Goldroom for New Years’ Eve, so more big things in the works!

Wavo: Who are your top three artists, dead or alive?

Pat Lok: Gotta defer to my man Dave on this one (c/o Skratch Bastid).

Wavo: What’s your favourite city and venue to play?

Pat Lok: So tough to pick.  For venue, probably the legendary Razzmatazz in Barcelona.  Favorite city, probably Bogota (Colombia) or Mazatlan (Mexico) because of the people…but you need to have some CanCon in there too, so Toronto gets an honorable mention for always bringing it!

Wavo: Any tour plans or upcoming projects you’d like to share?

Pat Lok: There are a few things – I’m constantly writing and searching for new artists to work with.  In the near future, my official remixes for The Knocks – “Classic” and Gold Fields – “Hold Me” will be out, likely January.  I’ve also got an original featuring this terrific singer named Desiree Dawson dropping as a Toolroom Records exclusive, and another single featuring local Vancouver band Dirty Radio that’s a little more poppy.  Hopefully people will be into the new music!

Stream Pat Lok’s Could Be Mine Remixes on Wavo below.

November 17, 2014

Artist Round-up : ODESZA – ‘Say My Name’ Remix Contest


Wavo, ODESZA & This Song Is Sick would like to thank all the artists and voters who participated in this month’s ‘Say My Name’ Remix Contest. We had a great collection of artists from a variety of genres enter the competition and the standard of submission was incredibly impressive! A huge congratulations to the top three contestants Auto Laser, Luke Shay & The Geek X VRV!

1st place : The Geek X VRV
2nd place : Luke Shay
3rd place : Auto Laser

With such a high quality level of submission, ODESZA have chosen five more remixes that caught the eye. Make sure to check em’ out!

Basic Tape - Quality House rework from Basic Tapes. He brings the deep disco vibes with a tasty piano line, some fine guitar licks and a thumping kick.

Dapa Deep - Groovy deep progressive mix from Dapa Deep. The Vilnius producer kills it with a fat bass-line, beautiful atmosphere and strings and a well-effected vocal! 

Stelouse - Stelouse brings the future bass with a smashing rework jammed with super melodies, great energy and a stellar drop.

CLNQuality down-tempo electronic mix from CLN. Dreamy atmospheric touches and soft pianos keys the standouts.

Dub Scout - Killer future bass remix from Dub scout, beautiful arps & great use of the Zyra vocal. A whopper switch-up with the drop too!

Check out the remixes below!

Powered by Wavo.

Once again, congratulations to The Geek X VRV for winning the competition and a big thanks to all who participated! We hope to see all artists in our future contests!

November 13, 2014

Artist Round-Up : Pierce Fulton Kuaga Remix Contest


Wavo & CR2 Records would like to thank all the artists and voters who participated in this month’s Kuaga Remix Contest with Pierce Fulton. We had artists from all over the globe and from a wide variety of genres submit mixes and the standard of submission was truly impressive. A huge congratulations to the winner Sonny Alven who took first place with a beautiful, deep progressive mix!

With such a fine level of submission, we present five runners up who caught the judges eyes. Make sure to check em’ out!

1) The Eden Project – killer melodic Dubstep/HipHop blend.
- https://soundcloud.com/the-eden-project/kuaga-eden-remix

2) Topi – Down-tempo maxed out house music from Topi!
- https://soundcloud.com/topisl/pierce-fulton-kuaga-topi-remix-1

3) Andrei K – One for the groove crew, this is a high energy mainroom belter!
- https://soundcloud.com/andreik/pierce-fulton-kuaga-andrei-k-remix-competition

4) Lautlos – Mystical house rework from Lautlos with beautifu atmospheric touches.
- https://soundcloud.com/lautlosaudio/pierce-fulton-kuaga-lautlos-remix

5) EXILES – Ubercool melodic trap mix from Exiles. Whopper saw synths!
- https://soundcloud.com/exilesofficial/pierce-fulton-kuaga-exiles-remix

6) Dirtywork – Great energy & tension in this big room mix from NYC man Dirtywork.
- https://soundcloud.com/dirtyworkofficial/dw-kuaga-remix

Once again, congratulations to Sonny Alven for winning the competition and a big thanks to all who participated! We hope to see all artists in our future contests!


October 30, 2014

ThisSongSlaps x Wavo : Ultimate Trap Playlist


Wavo teams up with ThisSongSlaps in order to deliver an Ultimate Trap Playlist. It was hard having to narrow the number down to only 40 tracks but we hope this selection will deliver enough trap madness to your ears with tracks from Brillz, LAXX, Keys N Krates, Hucci, LOUDPVCK and more.


Powered by Wavo.

Tracklist :

  1. Gent & Jawns- Kings
  2. Galantis- You (Brillz Remix)
  3. Gent & Jawns- Turn Up
  4. Skism-Like This ft Virus Syndicate ( Antiserum & Mayhem remix)
  5. Yellow Claw & Yung Felix- Dancefloor Champion
  6. Krewella-Come And Get it ( DMNDZ Remix)
  7. Eminem- Rap God (DMNDZ Remix)
  8. Flosstradamus- Roll Up( Bauuer Remix)
  9. Flosstradamus & Dj Sliink- Crowd Control
  10. London Future & Djemba Djemba – Look At Me Now feat. Ifa Sayo
  11. RL Grime – Core
  12. Jackal – Shakedown (LOUDPVCK Remix)
  13. Paper Diamond & LOUDPVCK- Wylin
  14. Apashe- Black Gold
  15. Blasterjaxx – Mystica (Goshfather & Jinco TR&P FLIP)
  16. Pegboard Nerds- Badboi
  17. HeRobust-SHEKNOWSHEBAD ( Grabbitz Remix)
  18. Two Fresh & HeRobust- Throw That
  19. Hucci- The Fall
  20. Keys N Krates- Treat Me Right
  21. Massappeals- I’m Good
  22. Baauer – Clang
  23. Henry Fong – Stand Up (Milo & Otis Remix)
  24. Nina Simone – Feeling Good (Bassnectar Remix)
  25. AutoLaser- Holding You
  26. Pegboard Nerds & MisterWives- Coffins
  27. Alison Wonderland- I Want You (GANZ Flip)
  28. Valentino Khan-Make Some Noise
  29. MIA-Yala ( Bro Safari & Valentino Khan Remix )
  30. Tropkillaz-HOTDAMN!
  31. Yellow Claw – DJ Turn It Up
  32. LAXX-Step Two
  33. Aazar-Jigglin
  34. LOUDPVCK X GLADIATOR – Tony (Feat. Nipsey Hussle)
  35. Katy Perry – Roar (Brillz remix)
  36. W&W & Blasterjaxx – Rocket (Lookas Remix)
  37. Sikdope – Black Magic (Sikdope Unicorn Trap VIP)
  38. Showtek & Ookay – Bouncer (ZEKE&ZOID REMIX)
  39. Aquadrop Vs. Nadastrom – Favelas (RL Grime Private Pussy Edit)
  40. Foster The People – Best Friends (A-Trak x Gladiator Remix).



October 28, 2014

Artist Experience : DJ Haidz (Winner of the Life In Colour Kalamazoo DJ Invitational)


This month Wavo & Life In Color gave contest winner DJ Haidz the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to open for one of the hottest acts in dance music; The Chainsmokers, at one of the craziest events in the world; LIC Kalamazoo. Needless to say, the young Dj had an unforgettable evening. We caught up with him this week to find out all about the experience. Here’s what went down!

DJ Haidz on…. getting prepped

“My friend and I arrived early to make sure my equipment would work. Everything ran smooth and I got to play with the speakers for almost 2 hours before they needed to run official sound tests with the other acts. The backstage crew were really helpful and friendly”

DJ Haidz on….  the set

“This was my first event like this and I didn’t know what to expect. I got to play an extra 10ish minutes onto my set as well. After my set I met some of the other lesser known djs who I have been talking to on FB now”

DJ Haidz on…. the experience

“one of the coolest nights of my life”

Once again, congratulations to DJ Haidz for winning the competition and a big thanks to all who participated! We hope to see all artists in our future contests!

Follow DJ Haidz – Facebook // Soundcloud

October 28, 2014

Artist Round-up : FreakNight


Wavo & FreakNight would like to thank all the artists and voters who participated in this month’s FreakNight DJ Invitational. We had a great range of artists from a  variety of genres enter the competition and the standard of submission was very impressive! A huge congratulations to the winners GlideForm who will be opening the Twisted Big Top on Saturday, November 1st.

With such a high level of submission, we’ve selected five runners up who caught our eye. Make sure to check em’ out!

1. Aesthetik - Killer mix from Adam Pearson aka Aesthetik, the 20 yr old Vancouver man rocks it with a quality Halloween-themed intro and mix stacked with big hitters. Make sure to check out his Soundcloud for lots of tasty remixes and originals.

2. Venice – Orlando duo Venice bring the noise with a high octane mainroom mix. Tight mixing and great energy on this one. With a treasure trove of tracks on their Soundcloud, we’d advise taking the trip!

3.  TMB - Washington’s TMB provides a stellar mix packed with big room belters. Impressive track selection and mix progression the standouts on this one! If you like what you hear make sure to check out his Soundcloud for more mixes!

4. Koister - 21 yr Old Koister attacks from the deep end, he’s delivered a quality mix which stands out not just for the fresh style approach but also for killer track selection! Banging mix from the Canadian.

5. DJ Sky – Wrapping things up we have a top mix from DJ Sky, who brings the Melbourne Bounce with his forty minute EDM blend!

Powered by Wavo.

Once again, congratulations to Glideform for winning the competition and a big thanks to all who participated! We hope to see all artists in our future contests!

October 22, 2014

Artist Round Up : Something Wicked


Wavo & Something Wicked would like to thank all the artists and voters who participated in this month’s Something Wicked DJ Invitational. We had artists from a wide variety of genres submit mixes and we were very impressed with the level of submissions to the competition. A huge congratulations to the winner PizzaPolo!

With such a high level of submission, we’ve selected five runners up who caught our eye. Make sure to check em’ out!

1) Exceeder & WynterKill - Quality mix from WynterKill & Exceeder. Beautiful blend of electro & progressive house. The guys are fresh from a #1 on globaldancemusic.com with ‘Ready To Jump’ & Exceeder has just released new track ‘Incredible’ as a free download. We recommend checking out their combined side project WeRNuklear!

2) The Audio Nerdz  - Another standout big room mix, killer track selection too! For more mixes and some tasty originals, check out their Soundcloud!

3) DJ Ramping - A tight mix filled with stompers from Houston man Ramping, loving that intro too!

4) DJ Mirage – Engrossing ensemble of progressive belters, big room hits & even a splash of trap from Mirage. Two Thumbs up!

5) JonyD  -  Great energy and super track selection from JonyD. Very enjoyable mix!

Powered by Wavo.

Once again, congratulations to PizzaPolo for winning the competition and a big thanks to all who participated! We hope to see all artists in our future contests!

October 20, 2014

How we deal with cheating at wavo


One of the big ideas behind Wavo is that a robust community of music lovers can help surface great music and artists more quickly than traditional labels, media and radio.  And then after we can help connect those trending artists directly to industry to take them to the next step.

We do this by letting our community vote up the tracks they like so that they trend and reach a wider audience on our platform.  We call it crowdsourced music discovery.

Over the past year Wavo has grown to have more crowdsourced music charts and opportunities for emerging artists than any other service on the planet. Our communities have helped thousands of new artists get tracks signed, play the largest festivals in the world and break their tracks across our site and others.

In trying to build the most democratic platform for music distribution, one thing we take very seriously is manipulating voting by any means: manual, mechanical, or otherwise. This forbidden vote manipulation can include (but is not limited to):

  • Using fake or multiple accounts, voting services, or any other software to increase votes on Wavo
  • Spamming Wavo communities asking for votes
  • Participating in a ‘voting ring’ – a group of people who share links to their submissions with the expectation of “vote for my track and I’ll vote for your track.”

Briefly, an individual voting on a track should be doing it because he or she likes the music.

Having said that, marketing is a key tool in any emerging artist’s toolbox.  We are absolutely cool with artists marketing their tracks.  For example, asking your fans on other networks (Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Reddit, etc) to vote for your track is fine.  Marketing is not cheating.

Unfortunately, as we’ve grown, we’ve had to deal with some users try to game the system and we wanted to make clear how we deal with cheating:

  • Wavo has automated systems in place to detects various kinds of suspicious activity using multiple different signals.

  • When suspicious activity is detected, the team is notified.  In cases where the vote manipulation is clear and obvious, the artist that submitted the track will be notified as well and will receive a message like the one below:Wavo-cheating

  • We investigate each instance of cheating manually and take action when warranted.  These actions can include anything from votes being removed to a user being banned.  We also reserve the right to notify contest partners of vote manipulation.

  • When a contest ends, we will again manually check each track for cheating.

Often we get messages from users reporting suspicious activity. That is awesome, it helps keep the site clean and we look into every report we get.  But we also want to make clear that in most cases we are already aware of the issue — we just wait until we have manually checked all of the votes, so that we don’t make any mistakes.

Cheating or attempting to manipulate voting will result in your votes being removed, money you spent wasted, your account being banned, and in some cases your reputation taking a hit with exactly the people you want to impress.  So don’t do it.

Let’s all work together to make Wavo the one place on the web where music breaks for one reason and one reason only — because the people love it.

- The Wavo team


October 1, 2014

[PREMIERE] Feel the Robot on New Ryan Playground Track


This new Ryan Playground is named well. The beats made to sound robotic with a trippy synthesized instrument and a background drum beat.  Ryan says “We all feel robotized at some point which is why the beat is kinda robotic in itself too… And i did that beat in summertime i was in that party mood so the track has also a kinda party vibe in it cause we all need to kinda let it go in that turning to robotic society”. We think the drums are particularly noteworthy. Genevieve Ryan Martel, AKA Ryan Playground, began playing drums when she was 5 and the practice shows.

September 30, 2014

Free Tragically Hip Concert in Toronto

the hip

The Tragically Hip are kicking off this years NHL season with a bang, literally. The home opener between Toronto and Montreal (7:00 p.m. ET) and earlier today, the group announced they’re playing a free concert that stats at 6:30 at Yongue and Dundas square. They just got started working on a new album recently which means its possible they’re debuting some new music. If you don’t want to miss anything live you can also or toon in on Sportsnet in Toronto or on TVA Sports’ in Montreal.

The Tragically Hip are also giving away a signed Hockey Jersey to someone who downloads their new Hip App.

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